It’s That Time of Year Again!

Meredith Bond
3 min readDec 31, 2023

I’ve gotten my calendar for next year (two, actually, I couldn’t decide!) and have begun the planning process for the new year. I always keep a physical calendar in addition to my Google calendar. I find it easier to organize my life and productivity that way. Very soon I’ll be getting a new system of planning my work which I’m hoping will be useful.

I backed a KickStarter by Orna Ross who has a program she calls “Go Creative!”. I’m not entirely sure what her program is, but I’ve “known” Orna Ross for a long time (I’ve participated in a seminar she ran and she’s a major voice at the Alliance for Independent Authors). Once I get the Go Creative planner, I’ll share my take on it with you, naturally.

So, if you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you’ll know that every year I write out three goals, three hopes, and three dreams for the coming year. A goal is something achievable, a hope is something that will take more work and effort to attain, and a dream is a pie-in-the-sky sort of thing.

Last year, as I sat in a hotel room with both of my arms in casts after breaking both of my wrists (because breaking just one would have been too easy and ordinary, right?), I wrote out my Goals, Hopes, and Dreams for 2023. And although I didn’t actually write it down, my main goal was to get my wrists in good working order once again. Happily, that one I have achieved (with only one additional surgery necessary and another one I’ll have to undergo in 2024 sometime).

My first goal for last year was to write three novels and a novella, something I try to achieve every year. Sadly, between my wrists, moving back to the US, and some unpleasant personal stuff, I only managed to write two novels. The first one took me six months to write — the longest any book has ever taken me. The second took two and a half months — one of the shortest any book has taken. So, I think I evened out.

Aside from writing, marketing and getting reviews were another goal I had. And I am happy to say that I actually ran successful Facebook ad campaigns for a few months! Yay!! Reviews I’m still working on.

For my hopes, I wanted to sell more books and get more coaching clients. Well, one of the two ain’t bad. I definitely have sold more books this past year. Coaching clients… well, since…



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